3 Eco-Friendly Summer Activities

3 Eco-Friendly Summer ActivitiesThe warm weather and sunshine that characterize summer time come with an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy a number of activities. The problem, however, is that some of these activities can be harmful to the environment.

If you are going to engage in anything that pollutes the environment and endangers the livelihood of plants and animals around you, you will be doing a major disservice to nature. Going green in summer is the best choice because other than enjoying your time, you also will be helping in conserving the environment. Here are 3 eco-friendly summer activities that you can try with your family.

Visit local ecological hot spots

3 Eco-Friendly Summer ActivitiesTaking your children to a local botanical garden or an organic farm is an opportunity for them to learn about the ecosystem. Maybe, they have learned about these things at school but they have not experienced them first hand. This can greatly rejuvenate their interest in preserving the ecosystem.

In addition to that, you might want to take them to the park where they can see a variety of plants as well as animals. Use this opportunity to answer every question that they ask because that is the best way to raise people who are passionate about going green.

Take up gardening and composting

3 Eco-Friendly Summer ActivitiesWhen was the last time you grew anything in your backyard? You probably could not do it in winter but you now have the chance. Let your family prepare the soil, find seeds and seedlings and then grow them. In as much as they will be having fun doing it, they also will be creating a source of food.

Before you realize it, you will have more vegetables, fruits and other foods that you ever needed. In fact, you can sell some of it and supplement your income. If you take to gardening, be sure to use eco-friendly methods such as compost manure instead of fertilizers.

Try making art from nature

3 Eco-Friendly Summer ActivitiesIf your kids love art, you can buy some canvas and easel and take them to their favorite park. Ask them to draw or paint anything that they see. Some of them will draw trees while others will be interested in the landscape. Some will even want to draw the birds and other animals that roam the park.

Although this might seem like just another normal drawing session, you will be amazed by the effect that it will have on the kids. Back home, they will be looking at their drawings and paintings and they will be talking about nothing but nature. They already will have developed a passion for the ecosystem without noticing it.

As you can see from these 3 eco-friendly summer activities, the onset of summer is not just a time to indulge in fun activities. It is a perfect opportunity to take care of the ecosystem and appreciate everything about it.

By the time summer comes to an end, the ecosystem should be a better place and not a mess due to ridiculous human activities. Choose to go green and preserve the environment.