4 Green Dishes That Are Made In Pressure Cooker

Picking the Best Pressure Cooker for the Job?

Pressure cookers are exceptionally useful tools, incomparable in their ability to fast tenderize vegetables and meat and extra flavors. A dish that take hours to simmer on the stovetop, can be prepared in less than an hour with the aid of a pressure cooker. Pressure cooked dishes taste so flavorful and bright because all the tasty extra nutrients, vitamins and minerals are still locked in the cooking liquid and food. These four green pressure cooker dishes or recipes turn chicken stews, rice and even beans into fast, simple, totally nutritious and delicious meals. Remember that there are some great pressure cookers you can choose from before getting started that have different bult and features, you can visit our friends over at pressurecookertoday.com for some pressure cooker reviews and comparison of the top picks of 2016.

1. Pressure Cooker Thai Green Chicken Curry With Eggplant and Kabocha Squash

4 Green Dishes That Are Made In Pressure CookerThis fragrant, lovely Thai-style green chicken curry usually tastes like it got prepared for hours, but it cooks for only 20 minutes in a pressure cooker. One common downside to preparing pressure cooker stews is their tendency to become a little watery due to all the trapped steam condensing back into the dish. There are methods to get around that, in this case the pieces of eggplant and sweet kabocha squash cook down into the coconut-milk based sauce, making it thick and adding layers of flavor and fragrance to this weeknight main. The taste can also be improved by adding ingredients such as green hot sauce or green salsa and freshly ground pepper.

2. Pressure Cooker Mexican Green Rice

4 Green Dishes That Are Made In Pressure CookerRice is often used in pressure cooker recipes, because it is more than a regular filler. Rice adds texture to dishes and absorbs sauces and juices that would alternatively escape from the dishes. This makes food more flavorful and less messy. Liquids may cause the meal to be very soft, falling apart as the dish is eaten. Pressure cooking adds an amazing flavor to the rice, yet still leaves the rice fluffy and light. This pressure cooked Mexican green rice with cilantro, green salsa and avocado is a great alternative to the traditional Spanish rice.

3. Pressure Cooker Green Beans

4 Green Dishes That Are Made In Pressure CookerFresh green beans are favorite for the summer garden. They can take hours to cook, but the pressure cooker gets them to simmer perfectly to the proper southern degree of tenderness in about 15 minutes. This saves so much energy and time and the dish is very delicious. Some of the wonderful recipes that constitute green beans in a pressure cooker include stewed green beans, three bean salad, and potato and porcini green bean salad or casserole. A pressure cooker also works well on frozen green beans.

4. Pressure Cooker Collard Greens

4 Green Dishes That Are Made In Pressure CookerThis collard greens dish is a favorite southern food that is easy and quick to prepare in the pressure cooker. Southern collard greens are very tough hence they need long cooking. They usually take about 30 minutes to tenderize in the pressure cooker which would normally take 2 to 3 hours in a slow cooker. Pressure cooking also makes the collards velvety and with no bitterness. This recipe has unlimited variations and can be cooked along with roasted ham hocks, bacon or smoked turkey for a more wholesome and tasty meal.


There is no denying the application of the pressure cooker, slow cooking done faster. This is ultimately a quick worker of wonders for pressure cooker fans thanks to its reduced cooking times and its advantage in preparing healthy recipes.